The pieces I produce are very elaborate, high-quality individual products:
- Duplication is possible only to a limited extent, due to the inherent character of the stones
- Further consignments and individual customer wishes can be dealt with within 4 - 8 weeks
- Shipping of sculptures is possible; cost to the customer: 60% of the carriage
- In general installation and delivery are according to agreement

Quality characteristics:
- The stainless steel is expertly and knowledgeably finished
- The surfaces are so processed that the matt metal sheen is durable
- All edges are rounded in order to prevent injury
- All figures are marked with a punch

Price structure:
- The costing is based on the quantity of stainless steel used and the volume of work associated with this.
- Special designs with other animal species can be seen in the gallery
- Technical accessories, such as light or water pumps, on request

- Appointments to view the exhibition by agreement
- a stall is located at the Kunstmarkt (Art Market) in Berlin, Straße des 17. Juni


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